Bar Muscle-up Drills

Bar muscle-up Mechanical break down and drills to develop a kipping bar muscle-up

Shoulder extension stretch

Sphinx Push-up

Russian Dip progressions

Chinese planks

False Grip progressions

Ring fly progressions

Tuck Crunch

Kipping Handstand Push-up progressions

Cuban Press

“I’s & Y’s”

Arch Body progressions

Around the worlds

Band resisted body rows

Banded Scapular protraction

Scapular retraction

Beat Swing (Gymnastics kip)


Hollow Body Progressions

Handstand Push-up Progressions (HSPU)

Inverted extension: Russian Leg lifts

Single leg squat: Pistol

Pull-up progressions

Ring Dip progressions

Ring Muscle-up Progressions

Ring Push-up progressions

Ring Support progressions

Scapular Depressions

Toes to bar Progression