Is developed to increase the overall bodyweight strength of an individual. What makes this program unique to any other is by using accommodative resistance and constantly rotating exercises elevate body weight strength to a higher level, not only improving GPP (General Physical preparedness), but also SPP (Specialized Physical Preparedness). Repeated use of the same simple method to raise strength will eventually stall the progress of an athlete. The conjugate gymnastics program uses many exercises incorporated into the program to raise an all around bodyweight strength standard.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This program is designed for anyone wanting to maximize their overall body weight strength ratio. Depending on the level of the individual there are currently two options available. A foundation program & a Crossfit Competitor program.

Each training session will involve a sport specific movement coupled with accessory work and midline development.

The program will have video demo of movements along with a list video demo progressions.

Yes, the individuals who are currently subscribed to the program will have full access to the video library.

– Each program will consist of 4 sessions per week
– Each week will develop absolute strength, Strength endurance, speed strength and Mobility.

No experience is required for the Foundation program, it is designed to develop all around body weight strength & mobility.

The competitor program has a minimum list of requirements:
– 3 Strict Muscle-ups on Rings
– 10 Strict HSPU
– 0:20’s Freestanding handstand
– 0:20’s L-sit Hold
– 1 legless rope climb

A typical session will last between 45-60 minutes.

You will need:
• Pull-up bar
• A set of rings
• Elastic bands for resistance & assistance
• Weighted Chains (for resistance)
• Ankle weights
• Weight vest
• Parallettes